September 22

Open doors: "Kinoclub Super 8"

22.09, 15:00, Z JAZZ ROOM

"Kinoclub Super 8" is a collective of four artists united around the idea of collecting and preserving amateur home movies from Bulgaria shot on 8 mm, Super 8 and 16 mm. After over two years of working with donated and found films, our collection is now available at and on YouTube.

We invite you to our special open day event within Sofia Documental where everyone can bring their forgotten 8 mm and Super 8 so we can watch them together!

Special guests of the event will be some of our contributors, who will tell more about their archives.

"Kinoclub Super 8" are Neda Milanova, Tihomir Stoyanov, Kevork Vanlyan and Bogomil Dimitrov.