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Banksy, Most Wanted

dir. Seamus Haley, Laurent Richard, Aurelia Rouvie, 82 min., France, 2020

Who is Banksy? And does it matter?

In the past few years many journalists have tried to unveil Banksy’s identity. Some have gone as far as to hire criminologists for the task. In an era defined by mass surveillance and an end to privacy, the mystery about Banksy’s identity seems like a remarkable achievement. The film follows the street artist’s work throughout the globe and reveals the different theories about who Banksy is. These extremely contradicting suggestions lead one to think how much art is connected to its creator and isn’t it enough to regard “art for art’s sake” especially when it comes to the most recognizable art as political activism.

About the directors:  

For Aurelia Banksy’s relatability comes from people’s inclination for fantasy and made-up worlds, which are extremely important right now. One of the artists interviewed in the film, James Strafon, says that “people love to feel that there is some kind of saviour just around the corner and there is hope”. Exactly this feeling is the driving force behind Rouvie and Haley’s film, to tell a story which is not so much about identity, but about the impact of art..

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