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Bulgarian dream

dir. Srđan Šarenac, 52 min., Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Bulgarian Dream" is a more unusual perspective on the differences between social systems and living standards between two countries of the European Union. The film follows the story of Petra Kahlenbach, a German woman who decides at the age of 65 that she wants a better quality of life, not anywhere but in Bulgaria. In Hamburg, her pension is 700 euros, she pays a rent of 500 for her apartment, and when we add the other expenses, she ends up with about 20 euros. In Bulgaria, however, she can afford rent, restaurants, cinema, theater. She quickly became friends with her neighbor Stanka. Bosnian director Srđan Šarenac breaks stereotypes between Western and Eastern Europe in a story with a very unusual point of view for the Balkan region.

About the director:

Srđan Šarenac is a producer, film director and screenwriter. He made the film "Selma" about the best ballad written by Goran Bregović, and in 2010 he co-produced and directed the feature documentary "Village without Women". The premiere of the film was in the official selection of IDFA-Amsterdam and the film has been shown at 75 other film festivals.

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