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Doctor, I’m Going to My Grave

dir. Nikolina Barić, 41 min., Croatia, 2020, Bulgarian and English subtitles

“Doctor, I am Going to My Grave” is а middle-length documentary, filmed by the director, where she follows her mother's small General Practice and her struggle in the failing Croatian health system. One after another, patients come in with severe and not that severe conditions (“Doctor, I’ve brought you some sweets...”). The doctor’s cabinet is small and technical shooting constraints only contribute to the feeling of honesty and intimacy. With dark humour and a healthy dose of self-irony (so typical for the Balkan region) the film portrays a situation very similar to the one Bulgaria - where there is a steady increase in the number of patients and available doctors are in steady decline, everybody reaching their breaking point.

About the director:

Nikolina Baric is a Croatian director. The idea of this film came from her friends who were impressed by her mother’s strength of character. Initially she planned to make the film as her mother has been set to retire. Nikolina had in mind to film her partings with patients who became her friends, and to whom she was more than a doctor. However, this never happened. Every year Nikolina’s mom delayed her retiring. This film is the result of three and a half years of making from the start of filming to the end of post-production, and her mother is still working.

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