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Exemplary Behaviour

Dir. Audrius Mickevičius, Nerius Milerus, 84 min., Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, 2019, Bulgarian and English sub

The big winner at the renowned international documentary film festival Dok Leipzig is an example of аn ethically strong and highly aesthetic visual experience. Shot in a poetic way filled with symbolism, the film was inspired by a tragic story - the murder of the director’s brother. One of the accused for this crime was freed ahead of schedule because of his “exemplary behaviour”. This was the reason why Audrius Mickevičius went to the biggest prison in Lithuania to see the people, who wanted to redeem themselves. What does “exemplary behavior” mean when you have a life sentence. This film takes us on an unexpected journey filled with empathy and genuine humanity. Like any good film, it asks more questions than it gives answers - about forgiveness, repentance, redemption, and the treatment of people convicted of serious crimes. Could a person change, and could this lead to a change in the public opinion?

About the director:

Some years ago the director loses his brother, who falls victim to a terrible murder. The guilty men do not receive the punishment the family thinks they deserve. In fact, one of them is released earlier from prison due to his 'exemplary behaviour'. At first, Audrius goes to the Lithuanian prison seeking for answers how come there is such a thing as 'exemplary behaviour' when it comes to people who have committed such heavy crimes. Eventually, his film becomes part of a campaign for shedding the light on the issues connected to crime, humanity and relationship inside and outside prison. During the shooting, the director falls ill and passes away. Suffering an enormous shock his colleague and co-director finished the film (and what has turned into a life mission) for him.

Text by Kremena Dimitrova (Artakcia, full article here)

Special event: 12 December (Saturday), 18:00 Meeting with the Bulgarian crew of the film and special guest, father Nikolay Georgiev, staurophore janitor and chaplain of the prison chapels in Bulgaria.

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