Look What You Made Me Do

Coco Schrijber

The Netherlands - 2022 - 84’ - IDFA 2022

"When I told my mother that a boy was hitting me on the playground, she said, “It's because he likes you.”" This is how this account of murders committed by women begins. The film follows three women who have survived abusive relationships – and become murderers themselves as a result. One speaks eloquently, the other hesitantly, but all the three of them are painfully frank. The film's unique visual language combines metaphor with stark realism. Multi-layered narratives about the relationship between love and hate – feelings that are repressed or burst to the brim – are presented emotionally and richly with the help of documentary reenactment, interviews and archival materials.

19.09, 18:00, ODEON CINEMA

22.09, 18:00, CZECH CENTER

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