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dir. Steve Loveridge, 96 min., Sri Lanka, UK, USA, 2018

What’s your life going to look like if you are 11 years old, you come from Sri Lanka to London and you are a Tamil military activist’s daughter? You turn into a music icon, perform next to Madonna and use your voice to raise awareness about the social injustice you are witnessing. Or at least this is the story of M.I.A, MAYA or MATANGI - three names of one girl. With a lot of beat, determination and inspiration Steve Loveridge takes us on a journey through the life of the girl behind the songs “Bad Girls”, “Paper Planes” and “Borders”.

About the director   

The director says that as a gay boy he made films about revealing himself to his relatives, while Matangi as a young girl from a minority, with a dark face, was making music to cope with her reality - this made them become close, and realise what it is like to be different. Another thing that united them was their love of pop culture and the awareness of what it could achieve and give to people. When she was a teenager, Matangi was recording all performances of famous movie and music stars of Indian or Tamil origin - this inspired her and made her move forward. This is the biggest motivation behind the film, to validate pop culture and its important role in society in empowering young people.

Watch online from 10 December, 2020

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