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dir. Juliana Fanjul, 78 min., Switzerland, Mexico, 2019


(The film is in the programme thanks to the support by the Swiss embassy in Bulgaria)

Radio Silence in military terms is usually a command issued from above, as out of fear that a signal might be intercepted by an enemy. However, today it can be related to journalists being silenced by a common, issued from above. This is also the story of Carmen Aristegui, a Mexican journalist who fights fake news, corruption and the drug trade. When her show was taken down in 2015, she created an online channel and continued the fight with more than 18 million listeners. The film presents the difficult and dangerous path of investigative journalists, for whom being in opposition becomes a matter of survival.   

The film is part of the official selection of one of the most prestigious international documentary film festivals in the world - IDFA, Amsterdam.

Carmen Aristegui at IDFA: “Documentary is a very powerful way to change reality. Especially if we look at the documentaries like this one. They create consciousness, they shape the outlook of people, and they get to the point. They’re great tools for our society.”

About the director  

Juliana Fanjul is a Mexican director based in Switzerland. For her, Carmen’s voice is the one of truth, and through her, she is able to keep up with the events in Mexico. For Juliana, this is especially important when she is following the news surrounding the protest and violence in her home country in 2015. When Carmen was taken down from broadcasting, Juliana couldn’t believe this was possible in a democratic country. This brutal violation of the freedom of speech made her go to Mexico and film Carmen’s story, which is also the reality of many journalists who feel political pressure on a daily basis.

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