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dir. Betsy West and Julie Cohen, 99 min., USA, 2018, Bulgarian and English subtitles

One of the most inspiring titles in the program that will close the festival is a film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg or known as RBG. 

RBG proves that one person can achieve a great deal for a huge number of people. And by many, we mean a brilliant legal career that fights for women's rights and the elimination of racial discrimination. The film follows the life of Ginsburg - her student years in Harvard, failed job interviews, starting a family, fighting cancer, and winning five landmark Supreme Court cases in the 1970s that removed a number of laws that treat men and women differently based on archaic gender stereotypes. With her firm stance and open disagreement with discriminatory legislative decisions, Chief Justice Ruth Ginsburg has unexpectedly become a pop culture icon, inspiring a generation of vigilant young people. Ruth Ginsburg died in September this year, and with the screening on 15th December, we want to pay tribute to her memory by presenting her exceptional life and achievements.

RBG was nominated for Documentary Feature for Oscars 2019.

 About the directors:

After leaving hеr job in a news channel, West developed the documentary series about women who shaped modern America. One of the people she interviewed was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg. Seeing how Ginsburg has become the hero of a new generation of politically active young women, Cohen and West decided to make a documentary about the rise of a Brooklyn girl who graduated from Harvard, has been denied a job at twelve law firms, yet finally became one of the most influential voices for justice worldwide.

Special event: 18 December (Friday), 18:00 Exclusive unique screening followed by a special guest - the directors of the film and Zdravka Kalaidzhieva, lawyer and former judge at the European Court of Human Rights, moderated by Velislava Popova, DNEVNIK Editor-in-Chief

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