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The Russian Opposition

dir. Alexander Rastorguev, 52 min., Germany, 2018, Bulgarian and English subtitles

Alexei Navalny is the charismatic and controversial face of the Russian opposition. His name became especially popular at the end of the summer, when on 20th August, during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow, he was poisoned and barely came to life. Inconvenient for the government, in the last few years Navalny has been an activist, blogger and politician, constantly exposing corruption scandals in power. “The Russian Opposition” is a film about the activist's entry into politics. The film follows Navalny and his team during his presidential campaign in 2017, offering the audience an exclusive look behind the scenes of contemporary Russian politics. The film is made by Alexander Rastorguev, who died tragically, along with two of his colleagues, in the Central African Republic working on a new film about the activities of Russian mercenaries.

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