Sofia DocuMental “0” edition offers 15 titles from all over the world, which present some of the most important issues of our time. Tickets


The festival will be entirely ONLINE with films limited to the Bulgarian territory. The films will be available from December 10th to 18th at Go to to find specific information about the availability of each film, more information about the films’ making process and short biographies of the directors.

Films are available with both Bulgarian and English subtitles

On the Vimeo platform where films are available, you will be able to click and pay for the film you want to watch. You will have 48hours to do so (exceptions for promotional events apply)

Online ticket prices:

Middle-length films: 5 BGN

Feature-length films: 6 BGN

Film accreditation giving access to all films: 50 BGN

Request your full-access accreditation by writing to us at

* Each film has a certain number of available views, please make sure to look out for an up-to-date information about availability at

The festival features a rich programme of SPECIAL EVENTS which will be all FREE OF CHARGE and available worldwide via Zoom and Facebook streaming.

We are going to introduce you to renowned journalists, producers, and activists. All special events have free access from all corners of the world and will be streamed live on Facebook at our page @sofiadocumental and at the Facebook pages of our partners.


For the 100 viewers who have watched 3 films from the programme we are going to hand out exclusive gifts - a festival protective mask type "origami" and a picnic blanket.

So you can stay healthy and warm while watching DocuMental at home!

We would be very happy to see you with your gifts on Instagram, take photo of you with your mask and blanket and tag us at @sofiadocumental with hashtags #cozydocumental and #stayingsafedocumental.

While we look forward to meeting you live next year, we want to start to get to know you already and create together a first of- its-kind festival atmosphere!

How to receive your gift?

Step 1) Choose the first three films to watch from the 15 films in the programme
Step 2) Watch them at
Step 3) Write to us at, send us the three purchased online tickets and let us know your courrier office's address
Step 4) Receive your gift
Step 5) Let's meet! - tag yourself with your gifts on Instagram with #cozydocumental and #stayingsafedocumental

You can also vote for the best film of the festival here!