The internationally-аcclaimed film ‘MOTHERLAND’opens Sofia DocuMental Film Festival 2023

The fourth edition of Sofia DocuMental International Film Festival with a focus on human rights (September 18-25) will kick off on September 18 at 7:00 p.m. in the very heart of Sofia - under the domes of Largo Sofia with the film 'MOTHERLAND (2023 , directed by Alexander Mihalkovich and Hanna Badziaka, Belarus), in the presence of the the co-organizers of the event from the European Parliament in Bulgaria.

About 'MOTHERLAND' (Sweden, Ukraine, Norway, 2023)
A film from Belarus, 'situated' between two extremes - from rave parties in post-Soviet darkness, to the reflection of neo-nationalism in a society where corruption and a brutal war-honouring culture divide the young generation. When young Nikita reports for his mandatory military service in 2020, he comes face-to-face with the deeply guarded secret of a deadly tradition that has existed for decades in post-Soviet Belarus: 'dedovshtina,' or the practice of violence and harassment that allegedly turns boys into men, but instead triggers deep traumas for generations, marking the country's modern culture and identity. Through their personal and professional perspectives, filmmakers Aleksandar Mihalkovich and Hanna Badziaka scrutinize society in contemporary Belarus and explore the state's instruments of fear-mongering.

"We are happy that exactly 'Motherland' will open this year's edition of the festival. The themes touched upon in the film are extremely relevant to the times we live in and to the societal division in regards to the perception of the war and the culture associated with it. This phenomenon is particularly relevant in the countries of the former Eastern bloc such as Belarus, as well as for us in Bulgaria, where social and political tension as well as disunity are increasing. 'Motherland', awarded the prestigious DOX:AWARD by the CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival, is a stunning breakthrough film that strikes not only with its exceptional cinematography, but also with the skillfully captured reality of a modern society where the aspirations of young people and the government's tools for instilling fear are in complete contrast", says Martichka Bozhilova, director of the festival.