Theo Montoya

Colombia, France - 2022 - 74’ - IDFA 2022, CPH:DOX 2023

Anhell69 is the Instagram name of one of the dead friends of young director Theo Montoya. A few years ago, Montoya gathered his friends from the provocative queer society in Medellín for a casting. Montoya sees Medellin as a ghost town lost in the mountains, a place where the horizon is invisible and there is no way out. After attending more funerals than birthdays among his circle of friends, Montoya sunk into a beautiful existential void. Yet, he picked up the camera again and made a film without borders or gender: a "trans film" for all those people who belong to nothing or no one.

22.09, 20:00, LARGO

23.09, 18:15, ODEON CINEMA

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