Alexander Abaturov

France, Switzerland - 2022 - 88’ - IDFA 2022, CPH:DOX 2023

A ferocious heat wave is setting fire to sub-Arctic forests in southeastern Siberia, and a small village lies shrouded in orange smoke and black ash, while authorities do nothing. The forest is engulfed in flames, which quickly spread to the village, where no one is waiting for help from the local authorities – they have no obligation to fight the forest fires in the isolated area, since the costs of extinguishing them would exceed the value of the calculated damage. Left on their own, the villagers unite with the mission to quell the inferno they call "The Dragon". Sparks are blown by the wind, flames spread and the camera follows the men as they enter the bright red forest against the backdrop of a mystical folk tale about the wind blowing over the sacred mountain. “Paradise” is a film of spectacular cinematic calibre about the rapidly changing climate and its consequences, which are inevitably getting closer to us and becoming more urgent than ever.

24.09, 18:00, CINEMA HOUSE

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