Agniia Galdanova

USA, France - 2023 - 98’ - SXSW 2022, CPH:DOX 2023

The world is a giant catwalk for fearless 21-year-old queer artist Gena who grew up in the far reaches of Russia, in a town built on the former Gulag camp. Organising her radical performances in supermarkets, metro stations and in the middle of the streets of Moscow, Gena has actively protested the way LGBTQ+ people are treated in the ultra-conservative Putin’s Russia. With the constant support of her grandmother, she gives expression to all the creatures that live inside her through her spectacular costumes that she creates from tape and junk. The film is a kind of cinematic continuation of Gena's inner world, situated between art and activism, documentary and science fiction, between old and young Russia.

23.09, 20:00, LARGO

25.09, 18:00, CINEMA HOUSE

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