About us

From September 18th to 25th, the Balkan Documentary Center, together with the Czech Center, is organizing a film festival dedicated to the best documentary cinema, which focuses on topics that provoke heated debates in society.

We have selected inspiring stories, whose authors will present them in person. In our programme, you’ll see those fleeing war as well as those fighting climate cataclysms. You’ll meet power women overcoming their biggest traumas. You’ll witness queer people fighting for their bodily autonomy. You’ll peek inside true personal stories, reflecting the turbulent times we live in.

For many, the truth of reality is monstrous. To us, it is urgent to be told. The films we have selected recognize this urgency and cross the line of the monstrous. Because we believe that the real monster is fear.

This year, our main festival locations are the glass domes of Largo Sofia, the Czech Center, Cinema House, and Odeon Cinema. We invite the cinema goers to our pop-up cinema at the Largo, and the professions to the special meetings, masterclasses, and the forum for new projects, all part of our first Balkan documentary market.

Martichka Bozhilova, festival director
Neda Milanova, head of industry
Georgi Bogdanov, managing director
Radina Vladimirova, programme and communications manager
Kevork Vanlyan, technical supervisor
Nelly Rousseva, translator and editor
Mihail Ilievski, festival production
Nadezhda Moskovska, PR

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